The mission of AMAZING GRACE SUPPORTS, INC. is to provide people we support the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our dedicated staff promote successful community living and work to enhance the people’s dignity, self-esteem and quality of life.

AMAZING GRACE SUPPORTS' goal is to provide people we support person-centred services in a creative and professional manner in order that they have the opportunity to live successfully in the community.



AMAZING GRACE SUPPORTS, INC. philosophy of service is based on the principle that all people we support have inalienable rights and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and be assured the maximum opportunities for self-determination.

This means that persons with intellectual disabilities should have the same opportunities as non-disabled members of the community:

  • The opportunity to live in the community, be included in community life and participate in a variety of community activities.
  • The opportunities to have choices, make decisions, and have control over aspects of their lives.
  • The opportunity to experience the network of community and natural support.
  • The opportunity to establish friendships and participate in activities with disabled and non-disabled people in the community.

AMAZING GRACE SUPPORTS, INC. will ensure that our people live in a safe home-like environment that is non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian. This philosophy provides an atmosphere where people we support can access services and support in the least restrictive setting/environment and lays the foundation for any further intervention strategies. All services provided are voluntary and non-coercive, easily accessible, culturally appropriate and promote community inclusion.


AMAZING GRACE SUPPORTS, INC. believes that effective and meaningful person-centred services can be provided only by the continuous pursuit of quality and innovation by embracing the following principles:

  • Person-centred approach to assessment and service planning ensures people we support to meet each people we support’s changing needs while maintaining dignity.
  • Compliance with standards of care and service is enhanced through ongoing assessment, planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of programs.
  • Community resources and integration is met through identification of areas of interest and planning.
  • A commitment for staff training, development and competency-based performance, and evaluation, benefits the people we support’s professional growth and development as well as enhances the overall quality of care of people we support.
  • The well-being and quality of life of the people we support will be enhanced through family education as well as involvement in both service and organisational planning.

About Us

Amazing Grace Supports, Inc. was established in 2015, in the District of Columbia as a for-profit organisation that provides services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities. Our Services are person-centred and we ensure quality and innovation as our guiding principles.

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